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Logo Design (Vector Format)

Creating the small symbol or design that signifies your business' or brand's identity can be a hugely important step in establishing how you're seen by your audience.

McDonalds' 'Golden Arches' demonstrates that a logo needn't necessarily be complicated in order to be successful and, importantly, instantly recognisable.

Whether it be understated or involved, at Gill Graphics we pride ourselves on listening to clients' criteria to design logos with meaning. What's more, our ability to create them in vector format means you'll never experience any problems transferring them from business card-size up to large-scale signs or banners with no danger of pixelation.

Logo Design
Logo Design (Vector Format)

Business Card Design
Business Cards

Business Cards

The enduring popularity of business cards marks them out as one traditional, hard-copy format that has survived the advent of the digital age.

By virtue of their diminutive size, customers can carry all the most useful information about your business - name, address, phone number, website address and email address - in their wallet or purse, ready for whenever they might need your services.

Our business cards incorporate logos and information into subtle yet effective designs, aimed at catching the reader's eye. Ask about the various card qualities and finishes we offer and our deals, designed to provide professional products to suit any budget.


Grab customers' attention and keep them informed with professionally designed posters and flyers.

Perfect for shop frontages, direct mail, information racks and more, image-based flyers and posters are great for focussing people on special offers and promotions while giving them an impression of what your business is all about.

Gill Graphics can design and/or produce posters and flyers in a broad spectrum of sizes - you can even choose the weight of paper you would like to use and whether you'd prefer a gloss or matte finish.

Posters and Flyers Design

Letterhead Design
Compliment Slips/Letterheads

Compliment Slips/Letterheads

Compliment slips are a great way of instilling your brand into your customers' minds.

Often used instead of covering letters, these small slips of paper can convey a great deal of information about your business - company name, logo, address, phone number, website address and email address, for example - offering customers easy access to your details whenever they might need them.

Ask us about our affordable rates for design and production of these and other office stationery items.

Food Menus

As one of the first things a customer sees and interacts with in a food establishment, it's hard to underestimate the impact that an attractive and effective menu design can have.

At Gill Graphics we can assist with the whole process of menu design, helping you to create clearly laid-out, concise and exciting documents that will have customers' mouths watering before they've even ordered!

Need your menus printing too? Just ask about the professional production options we have available - bon appétit!

Food Menu Design
Food Menus

Facebook Banner Design
Social Media Headers/Profile Images

Social Media Headers/Profile Images

Want to give your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts that all-important professional look?

In some ways an extension of your logo design, we can help to convey your corporate image and brand identity with attractive, professionally designed headers and profile pictures that speak volumes for your company.

Whether your vision is simple or complex, talk to Gill Graphics today to learn how we can help present your business in the best light.

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