The Polished Knob

Date: November 14th, 2011
Client: The Polished Knob
Type: Website & Live Feeds

Project Brief: This was a bespoke website developed for the Todmorden pub The Polished Knob.

Chris Hartley the owner of the pub came to us asking for a new website to promote his pub and the services the pub provides. In addition to the flash virtual tours and complex database system, the main key feature to this site are the live feeds that run from IP cameras in the pub. We are very proud of this feature as its one of the first websites to incorporate this for a pub.

Spec List: HTML, PHP, CSS, javascript, MySQL, live webcam feeds, virtual tours, embedded twitter and google maps, picture gallery, CMS database for add/ delete/ edit of food/ drinks , picture gallery and live bands

Client Quote: "The live cameras (Knob cam) has gone down a treat with customers" - Chris Hartley

Client Quote: "The live cameras (Knob cam) has gone down a treat" - Chris Hartley